Medication Aide/Med-tech (Training for RMA) Total Cost of Attendance.

Tuition  $470.00 
Related Expenses:   
Lab supplies, Manuals, Handouts,
Equipments, Clinical Uniforms, ID Badge 
Professional Liability Insurance  $30.00 
Cost of Tuition and Related Expenses:  $695.00 
Administration Fee (Nonrefundable)  $100.00 
Clinical Training and Virginia State Board Licensing Requirements: 
TB Test (PPD test/Chest X-ray) – No more than 1 year:   Information will be provided in class. 
Criminal Background Check (Clinical Training Requirement)  Information will be provided in class. 
CPR (Clinical Training Requirement) class is offered at school:  $85.00 plus CPR manual 
State Board of Nursing Medication Aide License Registration Fee (Money Order)  $50.00 
PSI Examination Fee  $70.00