Nurse Aide (Training for CNA) Program Cost.

Tuition  $600 
Other Fees:   
Technology fees  $225 
Gross Tuition (Tuition and Technology fees):  $825
Textbook and Supplies:   
Lab supplies, Textbook, Handouts,
Equipments, Clinical Uniforms,
Clinical Professional Liability Insurance, ID Badge
Blood Pressure Cuff and Stethoscope (non-returnable, non-refundable) 
Registration fee (non-refundable)  $100 
Program Cost:  $1290
Miscellaneous Expense   
Clinical Training and Virginia State Board Licensing Requirements:   
TB Test (PPD test/Chest X-ray) – No more than 1 year:   Information will be provided in class. 
Criminal Background Check by CastleBranch (Clinical Training Requirement):  $26 
Drug Screen (Clinical Training Requirement):  Information will be provided in class. 
CPR (Clinical Training Requirement) class is offered at school to student at a discount:  $105 including HeartCode or Skills Session 
Virginia State Board CNA License Examination Fee (Money Order Payable to NACES):  $120